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Excavating company in Las Vegas, Nevada; Hofsommer Excavating, Inc. Hofsommer Excavating Incorporated (HEI) started as Heinie's Trenching Service in Oakes, North Dakota in the late 1950's. Henry (AKA Heinie) Hofsommer (Kent's Dad) served the local community for several years trenching for water, sewer, telephone, & power lines as well as basement excavation, burying rock piles, ditching for field drainage and any other service that could be accomplished with a backhoe, even digging graves.

Kent started working with his dad in 1960 while still in grade school, and continued working with him through high school and college, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon Tech.

Kent and Henry began "pipe pushing" for telephone and other utilities in the early 1960's which was the beginning of the horizontal boring activities that is HEI's specialty today.

After Henry passed away in 1973, Kent was on his own. Kent had to carry on the family business which had grown to multiple backhoes, dump trucks and boring equipment. With North Dakota's economy slowing down and the company's ability speeding up Kent hit the road to engage in road boring projects all over the United States.

HEI was involved in predominately telephone projects from New York to Florida to Washington State to California and many points in between.

Around 1984, travels brought HEI to Las Vegas, Nevada where cable TV work was the order of the day. Here Kent saw a need for the horizontal boring work that HEI knows so well.

Since that time HEI has concentrated on trying to be the best small boring company delivering big results. HEI has purchased bigger, stronger machines and now build their own boring bits and custom tools capable of cutting the diverse rock and caliche found in the Nevada area.

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